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Do You Know Where Your Tools Are?

A complete global IoT asset inventory should help answer the following questions:

  • What  tools you have in your environment?
  • Who owns them and who is using them?
  • How are they related to each other?
  • Is there any unauthorized device or equipment in your environment?
  • How does the vendor life-cycle impact your environment?
  • Is return on assets growing as a measure of your operations?
  • Are you concerned about asset management compliance or audits?

Tool Unique Identification

The key to quick and accurate tool tracking is tool identification. SmartX HUB Platform uses bar codes, RFID (radio frequency identification) tags or a combination of both to deliver an effective tool management system. Without the optimal identification and data collection devices, tool management can become a burden instead of being efficient and accurate.


Why Smartx HUB RFID Solutions?

Asset Verification Audits help ensure your data is accurate and up to date. Management of lots of tools, equipment, and safety assets is challenging in everyday operations, such as:

  • Track an unlimited number of tools across various job sites
  • Physical counting
  • Ghost Assets Elimination
  • Loss Prevention
  • Web browser-based tool tracking from anywhere at any time
  • Paying taxes and insurance only on assets you own
  • Save time and money with comprehensive tool management software
  • Recapture tooling costs by billing for usage
  • Easily share tool inventory data across multiple locations
  • Gain peace of mind when the right tool is in the right place at the right time

Get Unprecedented Visibility and Control Over Enterprise Value Assets

Type of Assets we track

  • Tool inventory management system
  • Construction inventory management
  • Mining tool inventory system
  • Oil and gas tool tracking system
  • Utility tool management
  • Tool calibration scheduling
  • Industrial tool management software

Key Improvements:

Fixed Asset Visibility
(95% to 100%)
Time for Physical Asset Reconciliation
(70% to 80%)
Inventory visibility and cycle counts
(40% to 65%)
0perations and maintenance costs
(10% to 25%)
Losses of Shrinkage
(5% to 25%)
Warranty Claims
(10% to 30%)
Insurance Costs
(5% to 8%)

Manage all of your enterprise tools across multiple locations


Our Asset Manager is a powerful tool that will help you in managing your inventory and quickly locate the assets. Tagged assets and individuals are detected, the massive inflow of data is processed by the system to identify, locate and decipher events of particular importance.


Web enabled and mobile equipped, Smartx performs cloud based asset management regardless of size or complexity.

All the information collected is presented in an easy-to-use cloud-based system.


We provides custom reports module. Reports can be Excel, PDF, or CSV format, depending on your needs. Web Reporting allows access to stock information online via a web browser on any smartphone or computer.


Displays facility map views of specific assets or groups of assets from a Web-based application and handheld devices. Visualize your operations with customizable maps powered by the collection and transmission of your items data in real time.


SmartX HUB® EAM Platform allows the scheduling of equipment or parts maintenance events and performing/logging these maintenance events at the proper time. The ability to schedule both one-time and recurring maintenance, and then perform/log these events with uploaded reports provides a full and complete audit trail. 


Keeping a record of asset transfers among people, “when” and “who” is actually very difficult to do if you are using emails or excel sheets to track transferred assets. This feature will helps you eliminate data entry errors and ensure you always know who has which assets and when to expect them to be returned.


We adds the convenience of a fully integrated system to the core of our asset management software. Our Asset Depreciation module helps you manage and track depreciation for the purposes of accurate financial accounting.


We have a inherit user permission levels. We also features flexible and powerful user authorization specifying exactly what assets and locations with a user are authorized to see.


Tracking the chain of custody is keeping a record of asset among people, “when” and “who”. It seems very simple and straightforward, but it is actually very difficult to do if you are using emails or excel sheets to track physical asset.

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