SmartX brings speed, accuracy and control to inventory management. The SmartX HUB is designed specifically for the jewelry and diamond industries, this revolutionary inventory tracking system offers consistent, accurate results in a fraction of the time. Compatible with most existing ERP and hardware, SmartX HUB can be fully integrated into your existing system and set up to provide detailed and customized reports.


Send out configurable Asset Tracking alerts to multiple users and increase efficient communication.
Email and message alerts can be configured in order to effectively communicate and convey the required message.


The dashboard for jewelers provides reports and business intelligence including the who, what, when and where of every item in your store.
Reporting and analytics component, delivers detailed reporting, KPIs, business intelligence dashboards, and advanced analytics.


When combined with barcode labels-RFID and scanners (beacon or RFID), our Check-out / Check-in system feature can provide you with High-level benefits including Accountability, Location Support, and Productivity.
Create custom asset tracking reports to confirm equipment checked out, overdue, and expired.


The SmartX Mobile App enables users to perform transactions such as receive, move, and execute physical inventories instantly with the help of an RFID handheld reader. The RFID readers can be connect via Bluetooth to read the tags. All that is needed a Smartphone or Tablet, the Asset tracking RFID feature and the RFID reader pointed in the general direction of RFID tags.

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The RFID-powered live data analytics & inventory management solution for jewelers
Count thousands of items in your jewelry store. In minutes.
Now you can do stock take daily and track your lost and found rates, to improve store layouts and stock processes. Use the Locate function to find specific or misplaced items immediately.
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Designed to be Simple
Jewelry retailers worldwide are discovering the benefits of using SmartX RFID technology to automate, simplify and streamline inventory management. A physical count can be performed in minutes not days! And, SmartX’s powerful technology enables you to track items by item history thereby reducing time spent on recovering missing inventory.
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1-2-3 Ready, Audited
The technology at work is simple:
- Small, low-cost RFID chips are attached to the items you want to track—from diamond rings to gold watches to rare coins.
- The chips are read by fixed and handheld readers as products move through the store or are taken in and out of the vault each day.
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Integrate with your ERP
Information the readers collect is automatically sent to our central’s database and intergrated with store's database, where it is checked against current inventory lists to immediately detect any discrepancies and provide real-time data for more efficient inventory management.
Track and trace all Jewellery
RFID Simplified!
Simplify your asset tracking experience.
View asset movement, view your most-used or off-the-shelf assets, search for asset status with checkout differently from individual members or departments, track your valuable jewelry in multi-locations, add photos and other asset features and review the asset location history.
The result can be seen on a cell phone, tablet or laptop in the Smartx HUB application. Quickly and easily search for tagged assets, find out where they were last seen.
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Rapid and drastic reductions in labor costs and shrinkage
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Personalized services and a better experience for customers
This allows jewelers to keep slim inventories without missing out on sales opportunities due to infrequent inventory checks and inefficient processes.
Reduces loss of efforts and time.
Employees can instead focus on more sales time and customer experience

- Quick and Accurate Inventory Taking
- Scan trays of inventory quickly and in bulk to compare to current stock.
- Individual jewelry attributes – status, size, location, type, etc.
• Individual jewelry history
- Data of jewellery on display can be accessed in real time using the application
- Security of the Jewels
- Better monitoring and Control
- Quick and easy of search of a particular article
- Make easy collect data inside your store
- Increased Efficiency of the Staff members
- Multiple items can be tracked and scanned at the same time enabling fast billing at Point of sale
- Customised reports.

Scan trays of inventory quickly and in bulk to compare to current stock.
Scan batches of items as they pass from person to person in processing.
Know when and where the jewelry is picked up and monitor its return.


Each item is assigned a unique ID, therefore each item will have the capability of reporting its own unique history of transactions. This allows for quicker resolution for missing items.
Find an item within a large batch of trays.


Sealed boxes can be scanned through the reader once more to verify the contents match the invoice.
Packing slips can be generated with specific item IDs to certify the contents of the package.

Sales lines

Sales line trays can be scanned multiple trays at a time to transfer goods to a sales rep or receive goods back. Optional discrepancy report may be generated after receiving goods back.

Stock Control

It’s too expensive for retailers to keep a surplus of high-priced jewelry in stock, but neither can they afford to lose sales by not having enough pieces on hand. With an automated RFID inventory system, store buyers are alerted when items are sold so they can be replaced.

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